Why Peaslake MTBO and who are we?

Basically we are a bunch of parents associated with Peaslake Village School. But don't let that put you off; living where we do, some of us are also keen mountain bikers.

The school is unique because it operates as a free school, yet receives no government or other official support, aside from early years funding.

The current Peaslake School arose from the closure of the original state school in 1994, followed by the creation of the Peaslake Schools Trust to fund, operate and manage it to the highest possible standards. This is a school run by the community for the community.

As parents we organise a number of fund raising events as a major contribution to the vast costs met entirely from local fund raising. Events include anything from village fayres to concerts and motor racing (on the Top Gear track at Dunsfold). We have even provided the catering for the World Orienteering Championships (the running kind), which happens to descend on Peaslake once every few years. It is a little known fact that orienteering was born in Peaslake, the first competition starting from Peaslake School.

Because of the body of people involved in the school and our fund raising experience we are able to provide, in addition to the enthusiastic organisation of a mountain bike orienteering event, those little extras like teas, coffees, cakes and even hot dogs, not to mention a very friendly and warm welcome indeed.

So if you are keen to give something back to the community whose back yard you ride in, then please come along and show your support.

Peaslake Schools Trust is a registered charity no. 1034412